My Story

For the past 20 years I have devoted my life to the role music plays in connecting with one another and in healing our collective and individual spirits. It’s been a journey of personal discovery, creative exploration and spiritual connection. In the spring of 2015 I released my solo album “Tending The Garden of Truth,” a collection of songs reflective of this journey. As an artist and performer I am ever evolving, collaborating and writing. As a music therapist and teacher I pride myself on creating a safe space for my clients and students to grow, explore and evolve.


I am a proud member of the American Music Therapy Association and certified by the CB-MT (The Certification Board of Music Therapists) as well as a 2001 graduate of SUNY New Paltz with BS Music Therapy and a concentration in Jazz Vocal Performance. As an educator myself I have taught voice for the Warner Theatre’s Arts and Education Center of Torrington CT and Downright Art & Music of Collinsville CT as well as with private clients ranging from beginners to those looking to develop their own musical voice. To learn more about my work as a music therapist please click the link above.

“Krizta has a radiant presence that shines through each note. Whether singing or playing, she bears witness to the power of music to uplift, to cheer the heart and to heal the spirit.”

- Dr. Brandon Nappi, Founder & Executive Director of The Copper Beech Institute

“Krizta’s performance was heartwarming, heartfelt, and truly unique and inspiring. Old long-forgotten cherished memories bubbled up from my subconscious. Tears of joy welled up from somewhere, down deep as well as a renewed faith in humanity.” 

- Alex Nason, Co-Founder,

“Krizta wove storytelling, song singing, and card reading together into a beautiful quilt of connection and community. Part performance art, part healing journey, this incredible work with Krizta is full of spirit and soul!”

~ Miranda Chapman, Yoga Instructor & Mindfulness Meditation Instructor